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This is a place to share my on-going work as I explore the process of SoulCollage (R). SoulCollage is a process developed by Seena Frost for exploring various aspects of ourselves. You can read more about it here: www.soulcollage.com, and here is theYahoo group : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/KaleidoSoul/ where we share and discuss our work. Here's what the KaleidoSoul group blurb has to say about SoulCollage:

"SoulCollage® is a process that allows us to get to know ourselves better, to deepen our relationship with ourselves, with the people who support us, and with the wider realms of the spirit. "

I welcome comments - but sharing in this way is very new to me, so please be gentle. So far, all my rewards in life have come from being "smart" or "creative"; now, free of the need to go to a job every day, raise my children, and rush around in the constant whirl of practical stuff that can so consume us, I'm enjoying the very great luxury of exploring on a deeper, calmer level.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Above and Below

Above and Below, originally uploaded by cathyb53.
"As it is above, so it is below; as it is below, so it is above". I don't know where that quote comes from, but it is applied to The Magician card in the tarot, and it was in my mind while I made this.
I think the words are essentially about balance. To me, they also carry something in them about grace, which I think is what the card is showing me. Above, below, there is really no separation unless we put it there, and the light of grace is ever present.